2016 November

Lightly Used Alesis DM7X Electronic Drum Set with Throne

Lightly Used Alesis DM7X Electronic Drum Set with throne. Full 10 Piece Set (4 toms, 1 snare, 3 cymbals, 1 High Hat, and 1 Bass Pedal). Also Includes High Hat Control Pedal And Basically New Drum Throne. Expanded kit combines advanced features and great sound. This kit has it all. The DM7X Kit serves up […]

Near Mint 1951 Gretsch WMP Drum Set- No Reserve

Gretsch 1951 White Marine Pearl Drum SetNo Reserve! Offered here is an absolutely stunning Gretsch time capsule WMP 3-piece drum set: 20×14 bass drum, 13×9 mounted tom, and 16×16 floor tom. The set was originally a One-Nighter Plus (snare, bass drum, mounted tom). The floor tom was not original to the set: I added it […]

Gretsch Starlight Sparkle Drum Set- No Reserve

Gretsch 1951 Starlight Sparkle Drum SetNo Reserve! Offered here is an exceptionally nice Gretsch 3-piece Broadkaster One-Nighter Plus drum set: 20×14 bass drum, 12×8 mounted tom, and 14×5 snare. The sparkle finish is spectacular and unfaded. The chrome hardware is clean throughout. The snare drum’s Micro-Sensitive throwoff works perfectly, and all three drums tune up […]

Vintage 70’s ludwig Vistalite Octaplus Drumset

Vintage 70’s Ludwig Black Vistalite Octaplus drumset in very good condition for sale. These are power toms not standard. Sizes are 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 16 and 18 floor toms. Bass drums are 22. All hardware racks, clamps, etc. Second bass drum and 15″ and 16″ concert toms not shown. […]

Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Set Vintage Natural

Yamaha DTX 500 electronic electric drum set drums custom xp80 pcy100

The set is in excellent condition. All pads have excellent trigger response. A kick pedal is also included with the kit. Includes: 4 tp65 toms tp80 3 zone snare pad PCY100 3 zone chokable ride 2 PCY65 cymbals KP65 kick tower HH65 Hi-Hat controller Yamaha kick pedal DTX500 module All cables Rack All necessary clamps […]

Zildjian 20553 15 Custom Mastersound Hi Hat In Pair Hihat Drumset Cymbals

Zildjian 20553 15 Custom Mastersound Hi Hat In Pair – Hihat Drumset Cymbals. This item is Used. Category: A Custom Series. / 38.1 cm. Weight: Medium Thin Top / Medium Bottom. Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional. Played on drumsets world wide, Zildjian’s secret formula continues to be the favorite of the pros and beginners […]

6pc Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Birch Drum Set Kit

Nice 6 piece Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage birch kit. It has a dark forest green lacquer with the wood grain showing through. It’s such a dark green finish that it looks black when standing 5 feet away. It is in good condition. It has the normal cosmetic flaws that you would expect from a used […]

Vintage 1967 Ludwig 3-Piece Drum Set

Ludwig Silver Sparkle 3-pc. Drum set includes 22″ bass, 16″ floor tom and 13 mounted tom. The set is in great condition with normal signs of wear and has all original parts, except for replacement heads on the toms. I used these drums throughout my school and college years in the 1960s and 70s. Since […]

Roland TD-9KX2 Electronic Drum Set

Up for sale is a Roland TD-9KX (version 2) electronic drum set. The kit is in great condition and shows general signs of use and wear such as stick marks and some fading paint where the pedal mounts to the kick pad. All drum pads, cymbal pads, and electronics are fully functioning. Some of the […]