C&C Drums 4-pc Maple Drumset, 10/12/16/22, Oyster Cream Pearl Wrap

This used C&C Drums 4-pc all-maple drumset finished in a rare Italian acetate Oyster Cream Pearl wrap (this is the one and only C&C drumset with this finish). The 10″ was finished with wrap that was leftover from the other three drums, so it’s a bit of a “patchwork quilt with lots of odd seems.


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Dw drums collector series

DW exotic collector series. Pure Maple shells fire red to black burst. There is an outer layer of twisted birch so the grain can be seen through the finish. Shells are in mint condition not a scratch on them. Drums located in north eastern Oklahoma. Rack toms 8×7, 10×8, 12×9. Floor toms 16×16, 18×16. This […]


Dw drums collector series

DW drums collector series. All DW 9000 Hardware/stands. Zildjian Custom A Cymbals. Audix Microphones/stands and cables. Drum Set comes with all accessories, cow bell, block, shakers, chimes, stick bag, hard shell snare case, and Zildjian Cymbal Bag. Excellent condition, retiring and need to relocate and cant take this beautiful set. This item is in the […]


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DW Drums sets Drum Workshop Collector’s Maple Mahogany Teal Glass 13, 16, 24 kit

Thank you for stopping by. This is a shop display DW Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany three piece set with chrome hardware. Drum Sizes (depth x dia): 14×24 bass, 9×13, and 16×16 floor tom. Set includes 3 floor tom legs. Set has a few very minor scratches. One small 1/2″ long spot of snare rash on 13″ […]

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