DW Exotic Wood Drum Set

DW Exotic Wood Drum Set – this was my dream set and has served me well in the studio. It has basically never moved, except to clean, from the location in the picture since I have had it – about 12 years. It was used in the studio all of the time. Only one drummer […]


DW Exotic Rotary Cherry/Maple Collectors 13×7 VLT snare drum Withset of WOOD HOOPS

DW Exotic Rotary Cherry over Maple Collectors 13×7 VLT snare drum. Natural to burnt toast. When you pull this snare out of the box and flip it around to inspect it, you’ll think to yourself, Man, this thing is like new… The only thing that looks used is the drum head… It’s a great snare […]


Dw Exotic Maple Spruce Vs Pure Maple Drum Set Shootout

DW Exotic Drum Set Shell Pack. Used. Cedar Wood Collector Series

Used DW Exotic Collector Series Drums 4 piece shell pack (no hardware, no cymbals) 2004 DW Drum Workshop Collectors Series Exotic Drums 22″ x 18″ Virgin Bass drum. A 16″ x 13″ Floor Tom with 3 Legs. G 14″ x 11″ Floor Tom with 3 Legs. C 12″ x 9″ Tom. Eb Drums are in […]

Dw Exotic 40th Anniversary Drum Set Tamo Ash