2017 September

Vintage Ludwig & Ludwig Oval Badge Drum Set White Marine Pearl

Up for sale is a Vintage Ludwig & Ludwig “Oval Badge” 3-piece Drum Set, in “White Marine Pearl” finish. Made in USA, “White Oval Budge” 40s era, includes 24″ x 14″ bass drum (virgin shell, includes original double-sided muffler, has some yellowing on the wrap, some oxidation on the lugs, the claws and rods are […]

Dw Collectors Exotic Limited Edition 3pc Quilted Maple Jazz Drum Set Kit

DW COLLECTORS EXOTIC 3PC QUILTED MAPLE JAZZ DRUM SET KIT Excellent condition. Exotic kits are one of the most expensive dw kits they make. A couple tony marks but overall excellent (see pictures) 18×16 (18 diameter) , 12×8,14×14. A Eb BB Limited Edition Jan 1st 2006. The item “DW COLLECTORS EXOTIC LIMITED EDITION 3PC QUILTED […]

Hip Gig Al Foster Yamaha Drum Set with Soft Case. Rare. Very Good Condition

Yamaha Hip Gig Al Foster Drum set (no longer available from Yamaha) VERY GOOD CONDITION! Features/ includes 18″x22″ bass (with hardware) 12″x 6 1/2″ and 14″x 8 1/2″ toms 5″ x 13″ snare 2 cymbal stands 3 clamps Hi-hat stand Kick Pedal Throne Soft bags for drums and hardware Original drum heads (comes with Aquarian […]

Pearl Reference 6pc Double Bass Drum Set Kit White Marine Pearl

PEARL REFERENCE 6PC DOUBLE BASS DRUM SET KIT WHITE MARINE PEARL Condition wise I would say excellent. This is one of the most expensive kits pearl makes. The only thing with the kit is the wrap does have some “yellowing” on the finish which happens usually with white marine pearl. Could be rewrapped or kept […]

Vintage 1980’s Slingerland Mahogany Drum Set 8 drums One Owner

1980’s Vintage Slingerland Drum Set. The 4 additional concert toms were added in 1985. Everything is in really good conditions. A few scratches exist from moving them over the years. The only issue is the clamp that hold the 15 tom on the mount is broken. Included: Toms: 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″ and 15″ […]

RCI Acrylic Glow Drum Set by Savoie Drums LED Lighting & Racing Stripes

Savoie Glow Drums – RCI White Acrylic Shells. 5 x 14 snare. There is a lot to learn about this drum set. The first thing that you need to know is that this is not a gimmick “glow” kit. This is a very serious, high-end, incredible sounding drum kit. This drum kit starts with RCI […]

C&C Custom Drum Set Gold Glass Glitter 3 Piece 12/15/22 Cardwell Tube Lugs RARE

Here’s an extremely rare custom ordered C&C custom drums custom kit (not player date) with rare and discontinued tube lugs, triple flange hoops, gold glass glitter wraps and 7ply maple shells. Brand new Remo Coated Ambassadors for all batter heads, with a new Power Stroke 3 for the bass. The sizes are 8×12 virgin high […]

Rogers/Zildjian Drum Set with traveling cases. Buddy Rich Holiday from the 1970s

I have been the only player of these drums. They traveled from all the center parts of Mexico and the East of USA. The Dynasonic Snare Drum sounds fantastic. Two large Zildjian cymbals and Zildjian hi hats give very crisp and high pitch sounds. This has been my companion for 40 years. One support leg […]

DW Collector’s 5pc Gold Drum Set with Edge Brass/Maple Snare STEVIE NICKS #23779

DW Collector’s 5pc Gold Drum Set w/ Edge Brass/Maple Snare STEVIE NICKS #23779. BRAND – DW DRUM WORKSHOP. MODEL – Collectors Series Gold Glass Kit w/ Collector’s Edge Series Brass/Maple Gold Glass Snare Drum. DESCRIPTION – This listing is for a DW Collector’s Series 5-Piece Gold Glass Drum Set w/ Collector’s Edge Series 8″ x […]

Gretsch USA Custom 7 Piece Drum Set, Vintage Champagne Sparkle

Gretsch USA Custom 7 Piece Drum Set, Vintage Champagne Sparkle. This kit is in great shape and has been with me since 2011, I’m the first and only owner of this Gem! The bass drum is a monster 20″X22″ and features retro characteristics such as Bass Drum T-Rods and a 4820 Millennium vintage diamond bracket […]