2023 October


Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-piece Drum Set Shell Pack Grindstone Sparkle No Cym / Stand

No Cymbals or cymbal Stands are included, but has everything else. New set that got a small crack on resonator side of base drum, see pics 10-13. Bass pedal is a used, has a little surface rust, but is a nice wide chain drive with new beater.


Rock Band Wireless Drum Set for Xbox One Target Exclusive Red

I have a set of sticks for this but the tip on one of them is broken, I will include them if you would like.


Nintendo Wii Rock Band Drum Set w 2 Guitars Bundle No Dongles

Nintendo Wii Rock Band Drum Set w 2 Guitars Bundle No Dongles.


Satnam Bayan Hand Crafted Tabla Drum Set for Beginners withMusic Book Steel

1 Bayan (Steel – Larger Heavy Steel Drum).


Drum Set Protective Casing / Protect your gear the right way

Drum Set Protector Drum Cases. Cases have a clip to keep the case from opening when in use. Cases are made from molded polyethylene plastic which provides excellent protection for your drum in a lightweight and durable case.


GMS SE Blue to Natural Burst Drum Set

Absolutely stunning GMS SE kit in a Blue to Natural fade burst. The drums are in very good shape! There are a few nicks in the finish here and there on the bass drum hoops (see pictures). The chrome has some very, very light wear which will likely clean up nicely. We didn’t detail the […]


Peavey Radial Pro 1000 4-piece drum set No Shipping

Peavey Radial Pro 1000’s. (3) tom arm/mounts included. 22 x 18 kick. 14 x 12 low tom. 12 x 10 and 10 x 9 hi toms. The 10 tom had a small hole in shell, repaired! The drums do show some dings and scratches. Set has been cleaned, polished and all threaded and moving parts […]


Late 80’s Ludwig Rocker 9 pc. Double Bass drum set with Snare

Late 80’s Ludwig Rocker 9 pc double bass drum set with chrome hardware. Solid drum set for serious metalheads! (2)16″ x 22″ Bass drum. 11″ x 12″ Tom (with Tama RIMS mount). 12″ x 13″ Tom (with Tama RIMS mount). 13″ x 14″ Tom. 14″ x 15″ Tom. 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom. 16″ x […]



In CHERRY WOOD LACQUER to. YOUR DRUM SET TODAY! THIS ALL-BIRCH PLY SHELL. 22″ ACROSS X 16″ DEEP. THIS DRUM WAS CRAFTED. In JUNE of 2002. High-End Drum Sets in Japan. Their Factory in Japan employed. About 60 Craftsmen who built them. With each having served an. YAMAHA made their own shells. YAMAHA’S hardware was […]


2005 COMPLETE 11PC Drum Set Cymbals HiHat Tympana Bells Bag Sticks Borg MD760 VG

2005 COMPLETE 11PC Drum Set Cymbals HiHat Tympana Bells Bag Sticks Borg MD760 VG. Custom boxes, arrives in 2 to 4 days. This is a well made adult sized starter set that sounds great, watch video! The sound in person is 100% better due to the quality reductions to show the vid. It was well […]