A Very Clean Set Of 1973-74 Ludwig Mahogany Cortex Concert Toms 13, 14, 16

The sizes are 13 x 9, 14 x 10 and 16 x 14. These have no extra holes. The chrome, wrap and edges are all in great condition. As you can see, these are from the short lived 3-ply granitone period of 1973-74. Thank you for visiting and good luck! The item “A VERY CLEAN […]


Very Rare Dw Collectors Maple Double Bass Drum Set Black 8 Piece

By far one of the most amazing kits you will ever come across. A Keller shell era original collectors series Maple double bass drum set in black, excellent excellent condition. I saw a few tiny paint chips on the bass drum hoops and that was about it. It will blow you away how well this […]


Very nice Roland TD-20 Electronic V Drum Set TD20

Everything tested, functions 100%, no issues. No dead pixels on LCD screen. No gimmicks here, everything included. This td20 set comes with the HI-HAT STAND with rotational legs, as well as the snare stand and Iron Cobra double kick pedal, and throne/seat. Kit lightly played, not abused. The TD-20 gives drummers even greater modeling power […]

VERY VERY RARE Premier SIGNIA Jazz compact 5 pce Cherry Lacquer shell set

As close to MINT as you will find! VERY RARE Compact Jazz Fusion tom shells! Toms 10×8 and 12×8. SOLID shells / ALL MAPLE w/ reinforcement rings. Gorgeous chrome tom mount system. 10 lug Die Cast snare drum rims. ALL BRAND NEW batter heads. Aquarian Texture Coated / all 3 toms. Aquarian Superkick I / […]