Local Pickup Only Rogers Big R Drumset, New England White (MB1028273)

MCBRIDE MUSIC & PAWN. In good condition, shells show some scuffs and nicks all around, heads show heavy wear, bass hoops show a fair amount of scratching and wear, and hardware shows a fair amount of scratching and dings. Includes 22×15 bass drum, 16×16 floor tom, and 13×9 and 12×8 suspended toms. McBride Music and […]

NYC local Pearl Drum Set (Huge/ Rare sizes & color) + Sabian cymbals + cases

Pearl ELX Drum Set (Huge/ Rare sizes & color) with Sabian XSR cymbal set. Purple to Black Fade. 14″ snare (I think the depth is 6.5″, it measures 7 from metal rim to rim but not sure if that’s how they judge it). I added on a newer Pearl Export 10 Tom that I’m including. […]