2017 June

Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set RED Made in USA

Up for sale is a vintage Ludwig Vistalite 3pc Drum Set. Made in USA, Red finish, 24×16 bass drum, 16×16 floor tom (with legs), 12×8 rack tom. All drums are in great shape, no cracks, clean shells, normal scratches/scuffs, see pics for details. Message me with any questions. The item “Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set […]

Tama Starclassic 5 pc Made in Japan drumset with hardware, cases and cymbals

Tama Starclassic Birch – Made in Japan. Sizes: 22” bass drum, 10 and 12” toms, 14” floor tom, 14” snare. All birch, made in Japan, unlike the newer ones that are all made in China. The kit also includes. DW3000 Hardware kit (1 cymbal stand, bass drum pedal, snare stand and hi-hat stand) + 1 […]

Gretsch USA Custom 6pc Natural Maple Drum Set! 24,18,15,13,10,8. Video

Drum Flip, authorized Gretsch Dealers. Gretsch USA Custom Maple/Gum jasper shells in the beautiful Natural Maple Finish. Drums feature die cast hoops, USA made build quality and upgraded white dot Heads on all the toms. Drums are in excellent condition with minimal minor wear. Also includes DW 9000 dual tom stand and new DW 3000 […]

Sonor Designer Birdseye Azure 6pc Maple Light Drum Set

Drum Flip, your local drum shop in Vista ca. Sonor Designer Maple Light shells in the gorgeous Birdseye Maple Azure! These druns are hand crafted in Germany. Amazing build quality and upgraded white dot Heads on all the toms. Drums are in excellent condition with very minimal minor wear. 22×18 bass drum with dual tom […]

Vintage Rogers Drum Set 4 Piece Londoner Gold Sparkle Ohio Drums12,13,16,20

Gold Sparkle 60’s Rogers drums , Londoner kit. 12, 13, 16 and 20. The good news is NO extra holes and the shells/edges are in fine shape. Wrap on the 12 and 13 is in great shape. The 12 and 20 are flat gray paint, 13 and 16 are speckled. All Dayton drums and have […]

Tama 11 Piece Drum Set Made In Japan Pickup Only

I got this set. Over 20 years ago. It’s been in my house’ never did a gig with it.. Gong snare it’s got lots of toms! Maybe if I find some hardware I will throw it in. 24 in bass drum lots of drums here! The item “Tama 11 Piece Drum Set Made In Japan […]

Tama Granstar Custom Birch Heather Metallic 5pc Drum Set

Drum Flip, Authorized Tama Dealers. Beautiful kit on any stage! Tama Granstar Custom Birch 5pc heather Metallic Lacquer finish. Drums are in excellent overall condition. The tom arms and floor tom legs are not original. 22×16 Bass drum 10 Lug. 16×14 floor tom with legs. 13×12 rack tom with mount. 12×11 rack tom with mount. […]

Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Set (Modified)

1993 Modified Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit. VERY well cared for. The rack toms have been cut from power toms (10″depth) to shallower depth of 7″ professionally done by Ford Drums. Rack Toms are 7×10 and 7×12. Floor tom is 12×14 (original) and Kick Drum is 16×22 (original). A nick or two exist, but barely […]

Gretsch Drum Set Vintage with Jasper Shells Kit USA Custom Natural Blonde FInish

This is a late 70s or early 80s Gretsch drum set. Sizes are 12×8, 16×16 and 22×14. These are the highly desired Jasper shells. The natural finish has aged to a nice golden color. Drums are in good condition. The 12 and 16 tom have the drop G Stop Sign badges and the bass drum […]

Gretsch Drum Set Kit USA Custom 3 Piece

Gretsch USA Custom drums in the Dark Gloss Walnut finish. The sizes are 13×9, 16×16 and 22×16. The drums are in excellent condition. The 13 and 22 were made in 2010 with the black and silver tag and the floor tom was made in 2015 with the orange and black tag. The Yamaha tom mount […]