Acrylic Drum Set Pearl Crystal Beat 4pc Amber Big Boy Sizes

Acrylic Drum Set: Pearl Crystal Beat 4pc Amber Big Boy Sizes: 13, 16, 18, 24.

DW Acrylic Design Series Drum 5pc Set Open Box Demo

DW Acrylic Design Series Drum Set The first-ever DW acrylic set features high-grade seamless shells and a host of drummer-friendly features that are included with the Design Series(tm) line. The 5.5mm thick, clear shells are outfitted with mini-turret lugs, steel flanged counter hoops, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), and Remo heads. The bass drum acrylic shells […]

RCI Acrylic Glow Drum Set by Savoie Drums LED Lighting & Racing Stripes

Savoie Glow Drums – RCI White Acrylic Shells. 5 x 14 snare. There is a lot to learn about this drum set. The first thing that you need to know is that this is not a gimmick “glow” kit. This is a very serious, high-end, incredible sounding drum kit. This drum kit starts with RCI […]

C&C Acrylic Drum Set 22/13/16/18/14 Coke Bottle Green withAwabi Stripes

The C&C Drum Company Acrylic Drums in Coke Bottle Green have become a modern classic. The C&C Custom Acrylic Coke Bottle Drum Set is meticulously detailed with Awabi stripes, mini tube lugs, and black bass drum hoops, giving the kit an added flair that is sure to turn heads. Along with the extra care and […]