Extremely Rare 1960 Ludwig Pink Oyster Drum Set No Reserve

Some hardware pieces are missing, most notably the legs from the floor tom, the bottom hoop of the rack tom and a couple of lugs from the kick. The snare stand is missing a set screw. The interior of the kick and toms is painted black, but the snare has a date stamp Oct 5 […]


EXTREMELY rare Sonor Vintage Force Maple Tulip Red Drum Set Very nice

One of the most difficult kits to find in the most popular finish. The Infamous Sonor Force Maple. Not to be confused with the modern day cheaper imported 3001,3007, maple select, etc. These are the actual original Maple Force maple drums. Rarely due they turn up for sale. Does not mean it has never happened, […]


Extremely Rare Chicago Era Slingerland drum set 20 12 14 no 9N Modern Jazz

The last of the Chicago era drums before the move to niles. Rarely ever see these come up in this condition. Bought from original owner who received it as graduation gift in 1960. Silver Sparkle Shells are stamp dated accordingly. Been very well taken care of. Have been packed away in cases on a closet […]