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4 pieces drum set Genista premier

Make them like this anymore. If you are recording this kit rocks. Birch plywood best sounding kit. Bass drum 22, toms 10,12,14. When it comes to great a great sounding kit, this vintage genista is royalty. For Those who want the best. The item “4 pieces drum set Genista premier” is in sale since Thursday, […]

Premier Signia Series 5-Piece Maple Drumset

Premier Signia Series 5-Piece Maple Drumset. This is a great set of used Premier Signia Series 100% maple drums. The kit includes 8×8, 9×10, 10×12, and 12×14 RIMS-mounted toms and a 16×20 bass drum (all sizes are depth x diameter). These drums came into our shop on trade, and even though theyve got a few […]

Yamaha Birch/Maple Custom Absolute Drum Set Bebop Sizes (16 13 10)

They have been gigged fewer than ten times and are in immaculate condition. The 16 bass drum was professionally converted from a floor tom. There are NO extra holes on any of the drums, NO scratches / scuffs / dings, NO issues whatsoever. Snare drum not included. 16×14 Birch Custom Absolute bass drum: has original […]

THE RAREST of the RARE! 1996 Sonor Force Maple Drum Set 22, 12, 13,16 BIRDS EYE

MY MOST PRIZED 1996 Sonor Force Maple Kit. These were only made for 1 year and then Sonor changed it to the De-Lite series. You will never see these come up for sale. There’s a reason why… This kit includes: 22×16″ bass drum, 12×9″, 13×10″ toms, and a 16×16″ Floor tom. All drums are fitted […]

Pearl Masters MRX 5-piece Diamond Burst Drum Set withBags Used

Pearl Masters MRX 5-piece Black Burst Sparkle Drum Set w/Bags – Used! Up for sale: A used. Pearl Masters MRX 5-piece Black Burst Sparkle Drum Set w/bags! Shell pack only, no hardware included. Please note that the kick drum does have a BB3 bracket installed, but no tom holders are included. This item is a […]

Tips On Buying Your First Drum Set

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drum Set 20/12/14 Vintage Natural Made in Japan

Yes its made in Japan.. Never left my smoke free home… Show room perfect except the use on batters… The item “Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drum Set 20/12/14 Vintage Natural Made in Japan” is in sale since Tuesday, October 03, 2017. This item is in the category “Musical Instruments & Gear\Percussion\Drums\Sets & Kits”. The seller […]

Ludwig Big Beat 12 13 16 22 Drum Set Mod Orange Keystone Vintage 1968

Up for sale in the Drum Hubs e bay store is a vintage Ludwig Hollywood kit circa 1968 consisting of an 8 x 12, 9 x 13, 16 x 16 an 14 x 22 all wrapped mod orange. Its a factory matched kit as the Keystone badges have sequential serial numbers starting with the 570755 […]

TAMA Imperialstar Vintage 8 peice Drum Set, 8 Cymbals, Stands & Accessories

Tama Imperialstar 8 piece drum set. I bought this from a young kid about 10 years ago and a couple pieces were missing. The floor tom and the snare when not with the set. I replaced the snare (new) with a generic and there is no floor tom. I cannot confirm that the 2 smaller […]

Roland TD-12 Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-12 Electronic Drum Set. (1) TD-12 Percussion Module. (1) PD-125 Dual Trigger pad. (2) PD-85 Dual Trigger pad. (1) PD-105 Dual Trigger pad. (1) KD-8 Kick Pad. (2) CY-12R/C Cymbal Pads. (1) MDS-12 Drum Rack Stand and Cable. (Hihat Stand, Snare Stand and Bass Drum Pedal No Included In This Sale). This LCD Screen […]