Ludwig 4pc Classic Maple Gold Sparkle Drum Set 22,16,15,13

Drum Flip, your local drum shop in Vista ca. Used in excellent condition one owner kit. Ludwig Classic Maple Gold Sparkle 4pc Drum Set 22,16,15,13. Original top tom heads. Made in Monroe North Carolina. All maple 7ply shells, Classic Lugs, keystone badges. This set is beautiful. Includes floor tom legs, tom arm, tom arm mount, […]

Ludwig Big Beat 12 13 16 22 Drum Set Mod Orange Keystone Vintage 1968

Up for sale in the Drum Hubs e bay store is a vintage Ludwig Hollywood kit circa 1968 consisting of an 8 x 12, 9 x 13, 16 x 16 an 14 x 22 all wrapped mod orange. Its a factory matched kit as the Keystone badges have sequential serial numbers starting with the 570755 […]

Ludwig classic maple black diamond pearl 7 PC Drum set kit Withextras

Up for sale is a 7 PC Ludwig Classic Maple drum set in black diamond pearl wrap. The wrap has some splitting on the bass drum and both floor toms but it isn’t too bad, about 3 or 4 inches. I have attached a few pictures showing examples. I will add more detailed photos upon […]

1968 Ludwig Mod Orange Drum Set with 22-13-16 Keystone Badge with Rail Mount

Date Stamped 1968 Ludwig Mod Orange Drum Set. All drums are born together set. It’s rare to find Keystone badge rail mount Mod Orange kits. Sizes are 22×14″ bass drum , 13″ tom x 9″ deep and 16″ x 16 floor tom. The 22 and 13 are club date drums and the 16 is a […]

Ludwig Vistalite 1970’s 4pc Drum Set

Ludwig 1970’s Amber Vistalite 4pc drum set. This is a factory serial number matched kit, no orphans here. Drums are in excellent condition, normal wear for a kit 45+ years old. No cracks, chips, spider cracks of any kind. New pinstripe batter heads on all the drums. The sizes are the following. Nass drum hoops […]

Ludwig Vistalite Amber Drum Set ZEP SIZES Flawless

Up for sale is a Ludwig Vistalite 4pc Drum Set, in “Amber” finish. “Zep Sizes” (26×14 virgin bass drum, 18×16 floor tom, 16×16 floor tom, 14×10 tom drum), absolutely beautiful in every way, the only thing keeping this set from being considered as “brand new” are some stick marks on the batter heads, and the […]

Ludwig, club date, vintage, drum set, drum kit, champagne sparkle

Ludwig Champagne Sparkle Drum Set. 13 Rack Tom Stamped Dec. 14 Floor Tom added in Spring 1966. 22 Kick Drum Stamped Dec. Jazz Festival Snare Stamped Dec. The wrap is in mint shape. The drums are in amazing condition. These vintage sets are made of mahogany/poplar/maple plys and sound fantastic. This is one of the […]

Ludwig Classic Maple 4pc drum set/White Marine Pearl two floor toms. Buddy Rich

These are 1997 Ludwigs in the Buddy Rich configuration, and wrapped in WMP. It was a CUSTOM ordered endorsers set , and not “off the rack” per se. They are 6 ply maple shells, but the bass drum is 8 ply. No snare or cymbals. Only shells with shell hardware. Will have cymbal stand that […]

Ludwig Classic Birch 10/12/14/22/14 1998 Natural Birch Drum Set

Ludwig has always made great drums and these Classic Birch drums are no exception! With the classic pre-eq’d sound of Birch drums and the craftsmanship of the Ludwig USA factory these drums are to die for. These drums are in very good condition. The chrome is in good condition. We put brand new Evans heads […]

Ludwig Keystone 10/12/16/22 Mint Oyster Glass Shell Pack Drum Set

Ludwig Keystone 10/12/16/22 Mint Oyster Glass Shell Pack Drum Set. These drums are in very good condition, they look like they have barely been played. You can see in the pictures that they still have the original heads and those heads are in good shape, they still have plenty of life. The chrome is clean, […]