Vintage 1972 Gretsch Lefty Name Band 13-16-20 drum set kit in Blue Sparkle SSB

Snare drum and hardware shown are for display only. Sorry for the tease. Factory lefty configuration in 9×13, 16×16, and 14×20. You could always put the 13 on a snare stand if you ain’t correct-handed as my pops says. Shells are all 6 ply Jasper with the reverse roundover. Serial numbers are 03562, 03557, and […]


Vintage Ludwig 1966 factory matched Down Beat Drum set 12/14/20 with Cases

Vintage 1960s Ludwig Down Beat Drum Kit: 12/14/20 (’60s) with Cases. A great players kit all dated Jan 1966 and have always been together as a Downbeat kit for 53 years and not made up like some of the kits avaliable. They are a perfect match in sound and appearance. Some tom rash, Some seem […]


Vintage 1970s Ludwig Maple Cortex Drum Set 3 PLY 13 14 16 22 CLEAN USA Classic

1970s Ludwig USA Drum Set. One owner kit and very well maintained. Original Maple Cortex Wrap. This is an excellent example of a super clean, all original, Ludwig 3 Ply drum set. Includes original Ludwig spurs, double tom mount, and floor tom legs. Original Ludwig logo head, and some original heads on the toms. Free […]



This shows step two in the process of putting this rare kit together. I have all of the hardware except the mufflers on the toms. The set is a hyper rare 1976 rehoop custom maple Tama Superstar in the sizes: 12×8 16×16 18×14. Very good condition except some scratches after use as pictured. The bearing […]


Vintage Tama Superstar 4pc Super Maple Gloss Drum Set kit 24×14,13×8,14×10,16×16

Vintage Tama Superstar 4pc Super Maple Gloss Drum Set kit 24×14,13×8,14×10,16×16. This is the glossy earlier version of this finish. Harder to find sizes. The toms and bass look great for their age, the only thing is the original badges were removed. Some marks and normal wear here and there but overall this kit looks […]


Vintage & Rare TRAK Schlagzeug / Drumset / Shellset 22 13 16

Zur Auktion kommt hier ein seltenes Shellset der Marke TRAK, das schon lange nicht mehr hergestellt wird. Die Kessel sind vom Vorbesitzer lackiert und ohne Folie, alle Gratungen sind in Ordnung. Ein schönes, warm klingendes Set, was wahrscheinlich auf die Gratung mit Gegenschnitt (bread and butter) zurückzuführen ist. Hängetom und Standtom verfügen über funktionierende Innendämpfer, […]


Vintage Tama Imperialstar Drum Set! 9 ply Philippine Mahogany! $1 NO RESERVE

This is a very nice 1983 Tama Imperialstar drum set. Zola coating on the interiors. Sizes are: (depth x diameter) 8×12 tom, 9×13 tom, 16×16 floor tom and 14×22 bass drum. The set looks great and sounds great. There are a couple noticeable scuffs and some superficial marks that would buff out if you wanted […]


Vintage Tama Imperialstar 18 Floor Tom Black Drum for Set

Vintage Tama Imperialstar 18 Floor Tom Black Drum for Set. Vintage Tama Imperialstar 18 Floor Tom. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER ITEMS. More than just a pretty picture. Try Vendio Image Hosting. Make your listings stand out with FREE Vendio custom templates! FREE scheduling, supersized images and templates. Get Vendio Sales Manager. Over 100,000,000 served. Get […]


Vintage Ludwig Oyster Black Hollywood 22-16-13-12 Drum Kit Set June 1967 Ringo

No extra holes anywhere. Sizes are 22×14, 16×16, 13×9, and 12×8. Bass drum stamped June 21,1967, only 20 days after the release of the Beatles Sgt. All badges and wrap are tight, all drums are in round. The bass drum and 13 and 12 tom have been together since day one, and the floor tom […]


Vintage Ludwig Super Classic 13 16 22 Drum Set Blue Sparkle Keystone 1960’s

From different mothers that have come together. As a Ludwig Super Class. Kit that is being offered for sale in the Drum Hub. Drum sizes are 9 x 13. And 14 x 22. Each shell is 3 ply with re-rings and clear maple interiors. Keystone badge serial numbers on the 16 x 16. (671954) and […]