Premier Signia 5pc Drum Set Blue Sapphire Jazz Sizes (10 12 14 20 14)

Premier Signia 5pc Drum Set Blue Sapphire Jazz Sizes (10″ 12″ 14″ 20″ 14). Premier Signia 5pc Drum Set. Jazz Sizes; 10″ 12″ toms, 14″ floor tom, 20″ bass drum and 14 snare. Please see all pics. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER ITEMS. More than just a pretty picture. Try Vendio Image Hosting. Make your listings […]


Premier Signia Maple Double Drum Set

One of a kind custom designed Premier Signia maple double bass. Drum set , with five Toms and Snare Drum , in silver sparkle with deluxe. Gray enduro drum case’s with foam lining and large trap case with wheels and. Eight Zildjian cymbals , custom designed Gibraltar complete. Surround drum rack with internal sound absorbing […]


Premier Signia 5pc Pearl Coral White Drum Set Collectors CYBER MONDAY LOWEST$$$

Premier Signia Pearl Coral White Drum Set Collectors 90’s Vintage MINTY!! CYBER MONDAY LOWEST PRICE EVER! Good till Wednesday only. Price reduced to lowest I will go… Ok Drummers, Collectors, Studio Owners, Producers. If you are looking at this amazing Drum Kit you know that it is Extremely Rare! … Eat off the drums… They […]


Premier Sapphire Projectors 6-Piece Drumset

Premier Sapphire Projectors 6-Piece Drumset. This is a nice used 6-piece set of Premier Sapphire Projectors that recently came into our shop on trade. Featuring birch shells with beech reinforcement rings and a deep Sapphire blue lacquered finish, the sizes included are 9×8″, 9×10″, and 10×12″ mounted toms, 12×14″ and 14×16″ floor toms, and a […]


Premier Birch Drum Set / Drum Kit 5 piece, tom mounts, snare hi low floor bass

Premier Birch Drum Set. The badge is a big red P. 2 mounted toms 10″ and 12″; 14″ snare, 14″ floor tom, 20 bass drum. Comes with all the mounts and hangers for the Toms. The drums are used but in great shape. They never left my jam room so not a lot of dings […]


Premier Vintage Resonator series 5 piece drum set with hardware

This Premier Vintage “resonator” drum set from the 80’sfeatures 5 drums sizes 14×22,9×13 10×14,16×16, and 5 1/2×14 2000 series chrome snare. Color is silver metallic. Stands all include all Lokfast series hihat std, snare std, 2 cymbal stds, 251 foot pedal and drum throne. All in excellent condition with original premier drum key and hihat […]


Premier Resonator White Lacquer 24-12-14-16 Drum Set

These are the Top of the Line Resonator line from Premier. These feature an inner ply that helps make these drums really “resonate” more. Unusual 24″ bass drum, 12″ tom x 10 deep, hanging 14×12 floor tom and 16×16 floor tom. The drums have been played and show wear. The white lacquer finish is on […]


Premier Genista 90s Red Sparkle Lacquer Drum Set Birch Made in England

Premier Genista 90s Red Sparkle Lacquer Drum Set Birch. 100 percent Finnish Birch. Sizes are 22,14,12,10. Tom holder for toms and 14 holder included. This is not a wrap. These are very rare. Drums are in good not mint condition. 1 leg has tape as hex screw wont stay tight. Xpk and apk uses same […]


Premier Signia Maple 6 Piece Drum Set Made in England Sapphire Blue

Premier Signia Maple 6 Piece Drum Set. Made in England. Sapphire Blue Finish. In absolutely excellent condition. He bought them new and they never left his home studio. These drums are in excellent condition and I mean it. No dings or dents anywhere. I think the new owner is going to be really pleased. High-quality […]


Premier Gen-X RARE Turquoise Sparkle drumset 22/8/10/12/14/16/snare

This is a fabulous top-of-the-line maple/birch hybrid Premier Gen-X drumset. 5.5×14 snare drum. All drums are original and have no damage, scuffing, or modifications. They are in beautiful, near mint condition. The snare drum has die cast hoops. The toms have clear Emperors on top and clear Premier Everplay heads on bottom. The bass has […]