Pork Pie Drum Set 20/12/14 Custom one of a kind

This a custom kit from Bill Detamore built in 2015. Shells are African Mahogany with Maple rerings. They feature a High gloss lacquer finish with matching bass drum hoops. The drums are in mint condition. Tom mount is included as well the Pork Pie logo bass drum head(not pictured). I opted for the smaller badges […]

Pork Pie USA Custom maple drum kit set 20 12 16

It’s a unique kit, the sizes are 20×20, 12×8, 16×14. All the shells are virgin with a gold sparkle lacquer. The hardware is powder coated blue. All of the hour glass lugs are 50% offset. All of the lugs and tension rods are well maintained and lubricated to be smooth and easy to tune. I […]