9 Piece Double Bass VINTAGE Premier Black Shadow Resonator Drum Set

9 Piece Double Bass VINTAGE Premier Black Shadow Resonator Drum Set. Includes Cymbals, Stands, and Throne. Really dont wanna part with it, but I just found out I have Cancer last October and dont really know how much time I have left and would like to get them into a good home. I believe the […]

8 piece Tama Swingstar drum set/cymbals, throne, snare, harware, &more

8 piece Tama Swing star drum set from the 80s, custom mirror finish wrapped shells and heads, Pearl snare drum, Sabian quite tone cymbals included: 14inch high hats, 16inch crash, 18inch crash, 21inch ride, also includes Rtom blackhole heads for all drums, both reduce sound by 80% for playing in apartments, iron cobra pedal, roc […]

Six Piece DW Pre Collectors drum set with Keller maple shells

Up for sale is my prized mid 90’s DW Pre-Collectors maple kit with the coveted Keller shells. This kit is in excellent shape overall given it’s age and looks like new. No scratches or damage to the finish, very little pitting on the chrome (you really have to look hard for any), shiny chrome fittings, […]

PDP by DW 8 piece Concept Maple Drum Set

PDP by DW 8 piece DOUBLE BASS CONCEPT MAPLE Drum Set in Pearlescent White. 18×22, (2) Bass Drums. 5.5×14 Snare Drum. All the Toms are equipped with new Evans Hydraulic Batter Heads and stock PDP/Remo resonant heads. The 2 Bass Drums have Evans E MAD Batter Heads and Smooth White Resonant Heads with 5 ported […]

14 piece vintage Yamaha Custom Stage Drum Set with hardware & hard shell cases

90’s Vintage Yamaha Custom Stage Drums. Set includes: 8 Drums, 4 Cymbals, 2 Hi-hat Cymballs. Piano Black, Birch Shells. Toms 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″. Floor Toms 16″, 18″. Bass Drum 22 with Kick Port. Yamaha 14″ x 6″ Steel Snare. 16″ Nuvader Crash, 16″ 505 Paiste Crash. 18 2002 Paiste Medium Crash. 20 505 Paiste […]

13 piece Pearl chrome drum set vintage drumset 1975 -1979

This is 2 complete and perfectly combined Pearl 1975 thru 1979 drum sets. The 1st set is 7 pcs. 5 pieces are 1975 -1979 Maple shelled covered in actual 18 gauge hi shine chromed steel. Yes, they are magnetic. Paired with 2 fiberglass suspended floor toms also wrapped in 18 gauge steel. The second set […]

7 Piece PEARL Solid Chrome Drum Set

7 Piece PEARL Solid Chrome concert drum set with drum and cymbal cases. Bass Drum – 22″ Dia, made of wood and fiberglass (35 pounds – 26x26x19″). Floor Tom – 16″ Dia, made of wood and fiberglass (22 pounds – 20x20x17″). 4 Riding Tom’s- sizes 10″, 12″, 13″, and 14″. All made of fiberglass 15 […]

7 Piece Yamaha Beech Custom Drum Set Kit Yellow Pear Frank Katz of Brand X owned

7 piece Yamaha Beech Custom in Pear Yellow. Mounts on all toms. Drum set has been unused by me for my entire ownership because I have another drum set so reluctantly its up for sale. This drum set was owned by Frank Katz of Brand X. I bought this drum set from the Drummer Collective […]

5 Piece Crush Clear Acrylic Drum Set Complete

Complete Crush Clear Acrylic drum set as follows; 22″ Bass drum, 14″ floor Tom, 12″ rack Tom, 10″ rack tom, 8 rack tom, 1960 era Slingerland chrome jazz snare drum with original case. CYMBALS left to right, Istanbul 10″ splash, Sabian APX 14″ crash, Sabian AAX 14 stage Hi Hats. Sabian AA 16″ crash, Sabian […]

6 piece Trick Custom Drum set includes snare FINAL PRICE DROP

Trick drums are absolutely innovative in sound and construction. The ultra thin aircraft aluminum shells are precision milled and unaffected by temperature. Tone between drums is incredibly clean and consistent due to the use of one aluminum ply: whereas wood ply drums have inconsistencies due to wood densities and glue. The lugs are solid aluminum […]