4 Piece Pearl Masters Custom Maple MMX drum set in Stunning Diamond Burst

Up for sale is my 4 piece Pearl Masters Custom MMX drum set in stunning Diamond Burst finish with gloss black hardware. Pearl MMX kits are considered to be some of the best sounding drums Pearl ever produced and this kit is no exception. The thin maple shells with maple reinforcement rings are very similar […]


4 Piece Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Set with Cases and May Mics

Up for sale is a rare four piece Yamaha Maple Custom drum set in stunning transparent black lacquer with gold lugs. Maple Custom drums were Yamaha’s flagship drums during their day and are still highly sought after. Many of Yamaha’s top endorsers, including Steve Gadd and Dave Weckle, prefer the Maple Custom line when they […]


6 Piece Spaun Custom Maple Drum Set Metallic Silver Chrome Stripe with drum bags

Up for sale is a 6 piece Spaun Custom maple drum set in stunning silver metallic wrap with mirror chrome pin striping. This kit was hand made in the US using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Features include all brass tension lugs, hand cut and sanded double 45 degree bearing edges, 2.3 drum hoops, […]


6 piece NORTH Drum set local pick up Tampa Florida

Cymbals, snare and hardware are not part of this sale. But the original rack mounting system not pictured is included. This extremely rare hard-to-find drum kit is in excellent condition. Brandon, FL 33511 please contact me for further details, Thanks for looking. The item “6 piece NORTH Drum set local pick up Tampa Florida” is […]


7 Piece Yamaha Recording Custom Set Rental/Rider Worthy Most Recorded Drums

The pictures show exactly which drum gear is included (drum rug NOT included). Two of the four rack toms do not have a tom mount stand, so you will need to obtain your own tom mount hardware stand for those two toms. The 12 inch tom has several scratches which appear white, where the finish […]


9 Piece Double Bass VINTAGE Premier Black Shadow Resonator Drum Set

9 Piece Double Bass VINTAGE Premier Black Shadow Resonator Drum Set. Includes Cymbals, Stands, and Throne. Really dont wanna part with it, but I just found out I have Cancer last October and dont really know how much time I have left and would like to get them into a good home. I believe the […]

8 piece Tama Swingstar drum set/cymbals, throne, snare, harware, &more

8 piece Tama Swing star drum set from the 80s, custom mirror finish wrapped shells and heads, Pearl snare drum, Sabian quite tone cymbals included: 14inch high hats, 16inch crash, 18inch crash, 21inch ride, also includes Rtom blackhole heads for all drums, both reduce sound by 80% for playing in apartments, iron cobra pedal, roc […]

Six Piece DW Pre Collectors drum set with Keller maple shells

Up for sale is my prized mid 90’s DW Pre-Collectors maple kit with the coveted Keller shells. This kit is in excellent shape overall given it’s age and looks like new. No scratches or damage to the finish, very little pitting on the chrome (you really have to look hard for any), shiny chrome fittings, […]

PDP by DW 8 piece Concept Maple Drum Set

PDP by DW 8 piece DOUBLE BASS CONCEPT MAPLE Drum Set in Pearlescent White. 18×22, (2) Bass Drums. 5.5×14 Snare Drum. All the Toms are equipped with new Evans Hydraulic Batter Heads and stock PDP/Remo resonant heads. The 2 Bass Drums have Evans E MAD Batter Heads and Smooth White Resonant Heads with 5 ported […]

14 piece vintage Yamaha Custom Stage Drum Set with hardware & hard shell cases

90’s Vintage Yamaha Custom Stage Drums. Set includes: 8 Drums, 4 Cymbals, 2 Hi-hat Cymballs. Piano Black, Birch Shells. Toms 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″. Floor Toms 16″, 18″. Bass Drum 22 with Kick Port. Yamaha 14″ x 6″ Steel Snare. 16″ Nuvader Crash, 16″ 505 Paiste Crash. 18 2002 Paiste Medium Crash. 20 505 Paiste […]