1 owner 1940s Slingerland Radio King drum set in gold sparkle 13-16-20-5.5×14

Late 30s/early 40s Slingerland Radio King kit. 9×13 tom, virgin 16×16 tom with cradle (cradle is unpolished and as found), 14×20 kick, and 5.5×14 snare with 3 point throw-off. Snare stand, clamp-on spurs, and cradle are included. I failed to photograph them, but each drum has a Radio King engraved hoop. Original calf skin on […]


1 OWNER SET 1960’s GRETSCH 20/12/14 with 4157 Snare Drum in BURGUNDY SPARKLE

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT. CONDITION & COLOR RARITY. 20/12/14 with Matching 4157 Snare Drum. Hi Hat Stand, Pedal & Snare Stand. NICE ORIGINAL MATCHING SET. We just acquired these from a dealer. Friend who sourced them from. The original living owner. THESE DRUMS ARE JUST AS CLEAN. INSIDE TOO and ALL HAVE THEIR. […]