Early To MID 70’s Ludwig John Bonham Butcher Block Classic 3-ply Drum Set

There is a 26 x 14 bass drum, 14 x 10 rack tom, 16 x 16 and 18 x 16 floor toms. There are no extra holes or modifications. The 26, 14 and 18 have natural maple 3-ply interiors, the 16 has a 3-ply granitone interior. The bass drum is missing a hoop, but does […]

Early 1970s Gretsch SSB Stop Sign Progressive Jazz Set Nature Maple 18/12/14

Factory early 70s bop kit. Bass drum is NOT a floor tom conversion. This is the early 70s era where they had the diamond plate on the 12 and the goofy rail mount with the two sized ends to fit it. At some point someone took that thing off the bass drum (and just left […]

Early 70 S Ludwig Standard Drum Set In Lemon Strata