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DW Drums sets Drum Workshop Collector’s Maple Mahogany Teal Glass 13, 16, 24 kit

Thank you for stopping by. This is a shop display DW Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany three piece set with chrome hardware. Drum Sizes (depth x dia): 14×24 bass, 9×13, and 16×16 floor tom. Set includes 3 floor tom legs. Set has a few very minor scratches. One small 1/2″ long spot of snare rash on 13″ […]

700 Drums Vs 5 000 Drums

DW Drums Collectors Series Drum Set Kit 3 Piece. Great Jazz Kit

Stunning, immaculate 3 piece kit, in marine pearl. I believe it is a collectors series kit. Would be great for a jazz setup. Includes the bass drum, mounted Tom and floor Tom. (Shell depth x head diameter) 14×14 floor tom, 8×10 rack tom, 17×18 bass. Shells have note stamped on the inside for tuning. No […]

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