DW Classics 2016 Broken Glass Mahogany 3pc Drum Set 13,16,26 ONE-OF-A-KIND

Incredible & Rare Drumset! Gorgeous sounding & looking, DW Mahogany Classics Drumset with all matching tall wood hoops. DW does not offer this size bass drum in a mahogany shell, nor do they offer this style of tall wood hoops on toms. The result is a completely unique, incredible sounding & looking drumset that is […]

DW 3pc Classics Series Drum Set Shell Pack WMP

Based out of Minneapolis, we tour the country looking for new vintage gear to sell online! We specialize in anything drum related from the early 1900’s to the 1980’s. We sell drums, hardware, parts, cymbals etc. We make our descriptions as accurate as possible. If you require additional photos, we will do our best to […]

DW Classics 4 Piece Drum Set Mint Vintage Marine Pearl Buddy Rich Tribute

This is a professional 4 piece DW Classics Drum Kit with a 14×24 bass drum, 16×16 floor tom, 9×13 rack tom, and a 4.5×14 solid shell snare drum. The bass drum and toms feature a mahogany poplar mahogany shell with wide maple reinforcement rings and rounded bearing edges. The snare drum is a solid maple […]